about Judy Silvan

about Judy Silvan

Helping people uncover their tenderness and core strength is the healing hallmark of my work. I recieved my MSW from Smith College, and have felt a passion to practice and teach experiential methods of psychotherapy ever since. Recently I was awarded Supervisor Certification from the AEDP Institute in NYC, the rubric within which lies all of my ways of connecting with people: moment-by-moment, and in a gently deepening way. Our work clears out and transforms the brain's neural pathways from clutter and pain towards accelerated neuroplasticity, to experience clarity, possibility and joy. I have also been internationally Certified in Bioenergetic Psychotherapy (CBT, 2004), and received Certification by the Institute of Meditation & Psychotherapy in 2011.  

 I specialize with people as they search for their passions: towards love, during life transitions, in their relationships or career path.  I work with all genders, ages, races, ethnicities, learning styles (eg., ADD), and sexual orientations--many are single, others in relationships, some are raising children. I see individuals as they brave the world of dating and/or combat a sense of aloneness, gender-variant and others in transition, adult siblings & couples in painful impasses, stressed-out parents, and high-functioning people dealing with a pervasive sense of internal shame.

I am well-versed in oppression of all kinds, and understand how hurtful it feels to be treated poorly due to your race, sexuality, gender, family composition, body type (et al). I have been around many challenges and understand personally, and through the privilege of working as a therapist, the intricacies and complexities barely below the surface covered by sand--and those hard-core struggles buried in deep, rich soil. 

Call or Email Judy Silvan, LICSW (LCSW CA #61755) in Cambridge, MA or Marin County, CA for help with:

Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Attachment-Trauma, Couple Counseling, Marriage Therapy, Tween or Teen Therapy, Sibling Therapy, Individual Therapy, Transgender & Transitions, Loss, Divorce, Grief, Clinical Supervision, Teaching, Consultation and more. Remote or Tele-Therapy also available.

EMAIL: judysilvan@me.com

PHONE: 617-596-1403

Together we create a unique space where you are listened to so closely, that we begin to hear a far off sound---the healing sounds of your own heart---as if in plain language.