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  • b@peace

    As human-beings in this fast-paced world, we are behooved to try and reconfigure ourselves into  'human-doings'.

    Often we think about our self, and our life, in terms of accomplishments. The thoughts might sound something like: "What am I doing to make more money or get more...?" " What can I do to make my child behave?"  "What can I do to lose weight?"

    b@peace signifies that you are fine just as you are: Be your most genuine self moment-by-moment---notice what is inside of you as well as your surroundings---feel in a deep way that yourself as a human being is enough. The questions aren't about why you do or do not 'accomplish'. They are: How can I unfold and become more truly myself,  more alive in my cells? How can I become more open to love, less afraid of seeing and feeling and being someone I can cherish? 


    b@peace: psychotherapy of body-mind and trust

    Cambridge, MA

    Fairfax, CA (LCSW# 61755)

     A special shout-out to Rita Silvan for her indelible 'love' oil painting