• healing attachment trauma

    healing attachment trauma

    "As our defenses are lowered, our heart opens, and there is a natural desire to give from the generosity of the heart." --- Ezra Bayda, "Giving Through Relationships"

    Sometimes, we are racked with feelings shame, fear or grief, aloneness. We can snap into a state of 'less-than, 'different', or even self-loathing.  Even if our childhood needs for protection, love and nurturance weren't met, we can begin to flourish in our lives.  It only takes one special person, such as a partner, a "homey", someone from our family-of-origin, or even a trusted therapist who is unconditionally emotionally present to us, to launch us into a healing spiral of the inner turmoil that happens when our childhood sense of safety and trust is broken.

     In therapy, I support you as you bravely ask for answers to questions about your most cherished relationships.  I help you cherish yourself; we begin our search, together, for moment-to-moment clues for the real you hidden below the feelings of un-worthiness. Here you are greeted by warm, safe eyes looking back at you as you share your personal memories, stories. We find the key that unlocks the door to feeling states that are too scary to visit alone. My eyes reflect the loving guidance and sense of relief from deep inside of you. This alchemy can lead you straight to the heart of your own experiences of wisdom and delight. 

    We seek miniscule answers to your most tender questions---by welcoming your long-protected feelings---with non-judgemental curiosity. What if one of your most cherished relationships, over time, becomes the trust and bond which you have with yourself?