bioenergetics & yoga

Your eyes become more alive and your face will glow, as you see in the energy of the 'tweens' in this photo. 

Emotions and relationships can seem blunted or dysregulated if trauma exists either in your body, your past or in your day-to-day life. Studied movements are taught to you, and sometimes authentic, spontaneous movements, (or even silence and no movement), allows us to somatically be in the moment together. Nothing is pre-ordained; it is your journey, with my nurturant guidance. 

Sometimes you will experience emotional pain sourced from your body. You might be recovering from an abortion, feeling sexually confused, or have a negative body image. If you are a dancer, meditator, athlete, or yoga practitioner, you may be most attuned to your body's experience of specific holdings or emotional patterns. A medical diagnosis (GI problems, periodic muscle tension, uncomfortable fatigue, chronic pain, a collapsed/depressed energetic state, shallow breathing/hyperventilating, panic symptoms, or eating disorders) may lead you to Bioenergetic Therapy with a Yoga component. 

If this way of working appeals to you, the movements encourage an energetic up-regulation or letting-down  and, eventually experiences of safety in your own skin. This is termed grounding, or embodiment-- when previously dissociation or shame may have been running the show.



Bioenergetic and yoga movement in therapy leads to a visceral 'knowing', an amazing addition to traditional talk therapy.