bioenergetics & yoga

Sometimes you will experience emotional pain sourced from your body. You might be feeling sexually confused, listless, have a negative body image or deal with chronic muscular tightness. While previously dissociation or shame may have been running the show, while we work with "body-mind and trust", you will begin to feel embodied. 

Early developmental or attachment trauma blunts or dysregulates our emotional capacities. Studied movements are taught to you, and sometimes authentic, spontaneous movements, (or even silence and no movement), allows us to somatically be in the moment together.  Bioenergetic movements encourage an energetic 'up-regulation' or a deep relaxation called 'letting-down'. Eventually experiences of safety in your own skin returns; you feel grounded. 

 If you are a dancer, meditator, actor, athlete, or yoga practitioner, you may be most attuned to your body's experience of specific holdings or emotional patterns. 


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Bioenergetic and yoga movement in therapy leads to a visceral 'knowing', and is an amazing addition to traditional talk therapy.