supervision & teaching

As a Certified Supervisor and Certified Therapist of the AEDP Institute in NYC, I offer clinical supervision to all modalities of psychotherapists and coaches. We will experience moment-to-moment tracking, and develop interventions which reflect your individual level of skills. You will begin to feel, in your bones, that the process of your work with clients or patients in psychotherapy or counseling heals people's trauma, particularly in the realm of their painful early or current attachment history. We will simplify the experience of videotaping your sessions, including basic instructions on how to get started with: 1) requesting permission to videotape sessions, 2) camera set-up & equipment, 3) viewing or sharing the videotaped material for deeping your work.

" In getting consultation and supervision with you, I’ve felt held with a strong sense of safety, care, respect, and loving enthusiasm for my learning and growth. One learning piece that I consider having your “tag” is to “watch what happens after” an action by the therapist. Its not always apparent in the moment, but by looking at my videos - I can see how something shifted because of what I did." ~BP, April 2018

If you are seeking a holistic learning experience, our supervision can lead to deepened experiential processing of related current and historical material in your own background, which surfaces through counter-transference or other clinical dilemmas.

We will learn AEDP state-work for advanced healing breakthroughs for the lucky people who have hired you to help them feel: connected, strong, safe and ultimately healed from long-standing angst, such as trauma and relational disruptions. And of paramount importance, we will work to insure following ethical guidelines for patient privacy in this process.

 I also consult to programs in universities, clinics and hospitals, and produce and teach workshops and retreats around the US and internationally. 

In addition to teaching AND individual supervision, I have 3 types of GROUP SUPERVISION available for applications:

1) A remote AEDP supervision group, which meets weekly on Zoom.

2) An  in-person AEDP supervision group, in the forming stage, to begin once a month in Cambridge, MA.

3) A 2-week-end Supervision-Training Group with my colleague Kate Halliday which meets in late 2018 and early 2019.  

Contact me for details and to apply!


Call or Email Judy Silvan, LICSW (LCSW CA #61755) in Cambridge, MA or Marin County, CA for help with:

Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Attachment-Trauma, Individual Therapy, Couple Counseling, Marriage Therapy, Tween or Teen Therapy, Sibling Therapy, Mindfulness, Movement and Somatic Therapy, Yoga in Psychotherapy, Transgender & Transitions, Loss, Divorce, Grief, Clinical Supervision, Teaching, Consultation and more. Remote or Tele-Therapy also available.


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Weekly remote Zoom Supervision Group for all-level of AEDP-trainees is now up, running, and accepting applications!