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"Thanks, Judy! You were key in getting me out of Boston & into a new life! (I tell people this about you all the time!) Many, many, many thanks!" Dana K., September 28, 2014 


"Judy Silvan is an excellent resource.  Attentive, creative, patient and calm, her ability to help me get inside myself has been a much-needed relief.  As a first-time seeker of therapy, I was both nervous and apprehensive coming in, but found myself immediately embracing the process." Thom W., February 2, 2017


"I just want to say that I really enjoyed talking with you today. I felt safe and heard. In my life I find myself having to hide, hold back emotion and pretend I'm someone who I'm not or no longer am. So it took me some time this morning to recognize those habits and to feel comfortable enough to speak my truth. All in all I feel so fortunate to have found you and I am soooo ready to embark on this journey." Mara R., June, 2013

"I went in feeling fine but then the tears started to roll as I got into my body. It's really affirming to be able to share what I felt without fearing that you might dismiss or deny my experience. I think that is part of the healing which in itself is a big thing." M.K., April 2, 2016


"Hi Judy!! Loved your feedback! Thank you for expressing all of this. You really are gifted!! Thanks for listening and I can feel the healing working." Juanita A. March 5, 2015


 "Her focus on movement really took the healing process to the next level. Judy's great at introducing it at a slow pace. She is genuine and has a very comforting presence." Sean K., July 8, 2014


" Judy has a keen memory for detail, is an avid listener and provides her own insights and ideas. Meeting with her is more of a conversation than a one-way monologue. She's well read on women's issues and is open to new or different perspectives when they arise. While I never got very comfortable with bioenergetics, she did not push it. You can work with that element of her training as you wish". Kristi I., August 9, 2008


"Judy is the most compassionate and helpful therapist I have seen in the 15 years since I adopted my daughter--the only professional who has been able to hold me and my daughter in her light at the same time and respectfully guide me forward."  Deb L.  January 9, 2016


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