men & psychotherapy

Male oppression teaches boys that vulnerability, accessing tears, & emotional intimacy (especially with other males) is taboo. These relational prohibition change the course of a man's social and psychological development.


Cultural molding can lead to an abrasive life experience for men. Males often speak of feeling envy or fear of their female partners' capacity to cry and to support one another. When times are difficult a man might feel trapped in their relationship. Gay men are culturally victimized and feel separate, marginilized from early in life by homophobia. Many adult men remember shutting down after being bullied as boys (at home or by peers) because they did not display enough stoicism. When overwhelmed or scared by lifes' upheavals, males sometimes turn towards isolation, substances or social addictions, avoiding the comfort of their securely-attached relationships.  

In our therapy you will learn to decrease alexythymia, a technical term for a lack (or fear) of feeling, understanding or describing feelings. We will also heal painful elements of what may be an Avoidant Attachment style. 



Psychotherapy with a highy skilled, safe female allows defenses and knee-jerk relational avoidance to be soothed and calmed.  Vulnerable states, relationships, closer communication, and "emotional intelligence"  has become the new BRAVE.