Workshop in Northampton, MA: Intro to AEDP

Workshop Intro to AEDP: An Elegant Psychotherapy Model for Healing Emotional Trauma & Pain

Come to our one-day Northampton Introductory Workshop--a rare opportunity (actually, a first time opportunity) to learn about AEDP (ACCELLERATED EXPERIENTIAL DYNAMIC PSYCHOTHERAPY), without having to leave the Pioneer Valley. AEDP is an integrative framework for practice based on attachment theories as well as psychodynamic work from a perspective of affective neuroscience; AEDP emphasizes experiences of "righting" what feels "wrong" inside, from the very first clinical contact.

  • WHEN: Friday September 27th, 2019, 9:00 am-5pm-- with 1.25 hour lunch break
  •                                             Where: 40 Center St, Northampton, MA
                               COST: $85 (with sliding scale option down to $65 if needed)
                                                 CEUs in Application: $10 extra
  •                   ADVANCED REGISTRATION REQUIRED:  Call Jessica Wolk Benson , LMFT, for registration and credit card transaction:
  • 510-593-8330  or                                                
  •  Space for 30 participants!
  • Judy Silvan, Certified AEDP Supervisor, with Jessica Wolk-Benson, AEDP Level

    3 practitioner, will lead a day-long adventure to introduce therapists to
  • basic theory and practice of AEDP, our elegant emotional-healing model. AEDP
    is for working experientially & dynamically with attachment trauma and other
    MH presentations such as dysthymia, depression, shame or anxiety. Both Judy
    and Jessica will bring our unique and combined didactic and experiential
    flavors to break down the AEDP basics to put this model into action: AEDP
    is deceptively simple, and once learned allows emotional healing to soar for
    our clients who have had less than optimal results with interpretive,
    analytic or behavioral psychotherapies. This will be a way to dip your toe
    in and understand what makes this therapy model unique and reliable for deep
    emotional healing.

    Please join us! Coffee, tea and light snacks served in a morning and afternoon
    break; lunch on your own.

                  ADVANCED REGISTRATION REQUIRED:  Call  or email Jessica Wolk Benson, LMFT, for registration and credit card transaction:

510-593-8330 or