website design

Email me at to launch your very own quick and beautiful website. Well-matched referrals will slowly but surely begin to roll in...

I offer Psychotherapists & other Service Providers efficient, elegant, and reasonably-priced websites. What elements have you liked/disliked on your prior on-line presence? 

What is your favorite personal style---clean lines/bright colors/primitive art/simple or ornate?  Together we work to express who you are & what you wish your on-line marketing to convey. 

I provide you with original copy, art and photos, or images you give me-- such as a favorite photo of yourself. When we finish working together I will give you lessons & skills so you will be able to to edit, add, and change the copy around on your own, in the future.

I do not offer website maintenance without a new contract, and then only for sites I have created. For these reasons, my prices are way below market, and the product you will recieve will be pleasing and evoke your skills and strengths. 

Samples for you to peruse:

Just like I designed and built the website you are currently viewing, provide-R-sites allows the artist in me a chance to build and design a poppin' website for you as well!


The cost is $150/ hour and I ask for a $500 non-refundable deposit to make your first sample website. Typically, it takes 10-20 hours to complete your entire website. When you give me the green-light on the website, I send you an invoice for the remainder of the bill. 

**I will make and provide you with drafts throughout the process, and your clear input every step of the way is the paramount basis of the price of your website. You'll receive an intuitively creative, popping, simply-executed site within one week of our contracted start-date. From there we revise, add or subtract copy until you say you are happy with the final product. This typically includes one 1-hour phone call where we go through the new site page by page, and you share with me the revisions you would like me to make. It also includes a lesson on how you can go in and add, edit or erase portions that need revision in the future. You are then ready to launch your spanking-new business website!