Together we don't need to be afraid of the shadows...We can turn on the lightswitch, walk freely through the dark, or wait until sunrise: Shame or anxiety, aloneness, fear, panic and other tough emotions are held up to the light of our care.

    Psychotherapy of Body-Mind & Trust offers a return from 'stuckness'. Inner-trust, and trust-in-relationship is yours again after trauma, or an attachment breach such as a loss or break-up. We do this through talking, laughing, and sometimes: Your tears share your powerful story, the anger in your arms or upper back comes to life, and you find yourself believeing once more in your dreams, loves, hopes. 

I bring all of my genuine self to our work. Without pretense of neutrality or distance for which therapists are typically trained, we will engage in vibrant conversation and contemplative sharing. Glimmers of epiphany and possibility are discovered within the empty feeling in your chest, the butterflies in your belly, the painful tightness in your throat. You'll begin to remember what is special about you. I also offer to teach you healing body-movements linked with your emotions. Your heavy heart and yearnings are valued as our road-map; you will no longer feel alone with these emotions, even when you leave our session to resume your daily life. 


There's a tiny flame inside you that never goes out, & lights up the path behind you and the path in front of you; you can learn to follow it safely, with the step-by-step guidance of a relaxed, very experienced psychotherapist.