Psychotherapy of Body-Mind & Trust offers a return from stuckness from recent or past trauma. A betrayal, a major life crisis, or an attachment breach brings a sense of loss or even a diagnosis of PTSD; the death of someone dear to you or despair from daily work or relationship triggers may have finally brought you into therapy. Healing is achieved through talking, laughing, and sometimes: Your tears share your powerful story, or the anger in your arms or upper back comes to life. 

Without pretense of neutrality or distance for which therapists are typically trained, we'll engage in vibrant conversation and contemplative sharing. Glimmers of epiphany and possibility will pop from the empty feeling in your chest, the butterflies in your belly, the painful tightness in your throat. 

With your heavy heart and yearnings as our road-map, I bring all of my genuine self to our work. Together we create moments of clarity and calm; you remember what is special about you, and your dreams, loves, hopes re-ignite. You'll no longer feel alone even after you leave our session. Your day-to-day mindset will come into sharper focus as you feel stronger and closer in your relationships, more seamless in your self-care. I also offer to teach healing body-movements & mindfulness linked with your emotions. 

Call or Email Judy Silvan, LICSW (LCSW CA #61755) near Cambridge, MA or SF, Marin County, or the Bay Area, CA for:

Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Attachment-Trauma, Couple Counseling, Marriage Therapy, Tween or Teen Therapy, LGBTQ, Non-Binary or Transexual, Adult-Sibling Therapy, Loss, Divorce, Grief, Clinical Supervision, Teaching or Consultation, AEDP-Certified Supervision and more.

Remote or Tele-Therapy also available.

EMAIL judysilvan@mac.com

or CALL 617-596-1403 to schedule an Initial Consultation.

**All sessions scheduled in Eastern Standard Time

Together we create a unique space where you are listened to so closely, that we begin to hear a far off sound---the healing sounds of your own heart---as if in plain language.