AEDP is a premier Mindfulness Psychotherapy. It heals elusive emotional pain such as feelings of chronic shame or aloneness brought about by seeds of your less than optimal childhood. Working with AEDP leads you to profound realizations and actionable epiphanies. Our work together softens your defenses in an accelerated way, allowing previously blocked or hidden emotions to surface under our shared care and safety. You are supported to find and unfold glimmers of possibility-- amidst the defenses and pain that have maintained the 'trauma loop' of dysregulation until now. The results are sensations of feeling safe, understood and no longer alone in dealing with your emotional anguish. AEDP's founder Diana Fosha PhD terms this "un-doing aloneness"– ie., un-doing one of the most painful effects of inter-generational complex trauma. Within each session, deep transformational experiences are always a remarkable  surprise!


AEDP therapy, developed about 20 years ago, heals the effects of childhood or later trauma. AEDP puts the "therapy" back into the word "psychotherapy" because it actually heals and makes "right" what has felt "wrong" for so long. In the process, you will experience a relieving sense of being “gotten” and understood. Slowed down emotional work and our attunement to both intra and inter-personal experiences--towards healing the havoc wreaked by complex attachment-trauma---is one of the hallmarks of an AEDP session. People are led to process emotion found through careful somatic noticing along the way, in the safety of our dyad. Explorations of other avenues of pure experience (memories, images, perhaps a song or movie scene that pops to mind, sensations, etc.), in the here and now of the session will also guide us into the beauty of shared healing spirals, deepening as we unfold these memories  and experiences together.