couples' therapy

When marriages or partnerships (including work partners, adult siblings, or even close friends) hit a massive roadblock in the flow of care for one another, coming together into Couples' Therapy or Counseling is an avenue out of the impasse. I have studied and learned techniques from both EFT and AEDP for Couples, along with Systemic Family Therapy, and have the skills to help shift relationships back into loving territory, even when that may seem impossible. I am well-versed in helping dating couples decide to move forward towards marital comittment. This may include therapy or counseling as they plan a wedding which meets their particular needs, even given complex family backgrounds.

 At times married couples come to counseling or therapy to discern their road forward: towards staying together in a peaceable loving marriage to heal breaches such as an affair, or to make the tough decision to pave a healthy, kind divorce. Sometimes couples come for help post divorce to heal from past anger; new ways to share custody or co-parent, while entering into their own new separate lives is possible. Giving your children a healthy divorce may be the best possible option, and can allow both partners (and of course the kids!) a huge sense of relief.


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